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Hello and welcome to my website

Now you are ready for change, and I guess that is why you have visited my website, you have taken the first step to making that happen, and I will be here to help you make your future everything you want it to be!

Stress & Panic Attacks

Get rid of that unwanted stress in your life!
Keep those intermittent Panic Attacks under control because life is now about to change for you, you have made the first step towards the new you.
On many occasions we can release years of stress in just one intense Hypno/NLP session.  Together we can sort it!
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Weight Loss

A lot or a little… it’s up to you
Together we can get rid of those unwanted food cravings and move forward to a happier and healthier lifestyle change, forget all those yo-yo diets and focussing on every calorie intake. After over 25-year experience helping people achieve their weight loss goals, you are in the best place for stepping towards the new you, with the body image you desire.
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Phobias & Unwanted Feelings

Let’s kick the hell out of those fears, negative thoughts and bad feelings for good!
I will show you how to make friends with your fears and phobias, it’s all in the mind.
My quickest ever phobia cure took just 20 minutes, this was a CEO of a Blue-chip company that was terrified of spiders, she had a tarantula on her hand within 20 minutes and made a new furry friend!
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Confidence Boosting

Get yourself booked in for a confidence Booster Session, you’ll soon be walking with a spring in your step and loving the new you!
You can start to love yourself and achieve an inner confidence with a positive aura beam. Breathing more easily, thinking more clearly and moving forward to make the rest of your life, the best of your life, very smoothly, quickly and easily.
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Stage Shows

For great entertainment, the VAK Hypno Show has been very popular for over 20 years for big and small venues alike. The show focuses on the humorous side of Hypnosos, we call it infotainment, and it is tailored for all ages.
We make great use of sound and video with our multi-media programs, including audience participation. The infotainment shows can be time-scaled to fit into any predefined schedule.
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For more information about these services and more, please visit the Services page. But if we have not listed what you need, please contact me on: 07774 697586