Let us, together, make positive changes to your life

Hypnotherapy is so effective because it lies in the power of your unconscious mind, which stores all those memories, beliefs and habits. Through Hypnotherapy a deep state of relaxation can be induced, during which your unconscious mind is highly receptive to new or alternative ideas and perspectives, helping you to bring about life-change. Through hypnotherapy you can turn negatives into positives, take control and move forward successfully.


We’ve had considerable success treating issues like:

• Weight Loss and Eating Disorders - The Original ‘Hypnotic Gastric Band
• Stopping Smoking - Break the habit, to Quit Smoking read more...
• Alcohol Problems - Balancing the booze
• Stress, Anxiety and Depression - Pushing that release valve, Stress issues...
• Drug dependency - When just saying no, isn't working
• Insomnia, Migraine and Panic Attacks - At last, relief without medication
• Phobias - Fear of flying, spiders etc. read more about Phobias...
• Confidence - And self-esteem
• Motivation - When you need some 'get up and go'
• Anger Management - How to get back in control
• Stammering - We can help you help yourself and change your life
• Public speaking - The audience in your hands
• Sports and Work Performance - Increase the possibility of success, read more on Sports and Work Performance...


Give yourself permission to ‘Open your mind’

All the Hypnotherapy sessions are delivered on a 1 to 1 basis and can be recorded for your piece of mind and personal security. After the initial 20 minutes consultation you will be taken through various relaxation and breathing techniques or simulations, sometimes using sensory-based materials, over a number of sessions depending on what issue is being treated


We can help you

If you need more information or just require a quick chat, call Steve on 01274 580480 or 07774 697586, otherwise, email Steve directly with any queries you may have. All client information is subject to our full privacy and confidentiality policy.


We can help change your life!

Hypnotic Gastric Band Hypnotic Gastric Band
Phobias Phobias
Sports and Work Performance Sports and Work Performance

Steve Unsworth carried out his
training in Hypnotherapy and
Psychotherapy over 20 years ago
with the UK Guild of Hypnotist
Examiners and supports this
organisation. Since fully qualified, Steve is a registered independent Hypnotist, hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner.

Casa Crema, 8 Fyfe Lane, Baildon, BD17 6DP
T: 01274 580480 - M: 07774 697586
E: steve@vakgroup.co.uk


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