Stress is one of modern life’s killers!, let us be your Release Valve

Stress becomes a problem - 'Distress' - when there's too much or too little. A lack of stress means your body is under stimulated, leaving you feeling bored and isolated. In an effort to find stimulation, many people do things that are harmful to themselves (such as taking drugs) or society (committing a crime). Too much stress, on the other hand, can result in a range of Health Problems including headaches, stomach upsets, high blood pressure and even stroke or Heart Disease. It can also cause feelings of distrust, anger, anxiety and fear, which in turn can destroy relationships at home and at work.


It can be a negative or positive trigger

People often feel over-stressed as a result of some event or trigger. This doesn't have to be negative (such as the death of a loved one, redundancy or divorce); it can also be seemingly positive (a new partner, new job or going on holiday). Such feelings can also be acute (as the result of a death or loss of a job) or chronic (coping with long-term unemployment or being in a bad relationship).


Stress Relief with VAK Hypnotherapy

If you are Under Stress or have Stress Problems, you have taken the first step to recovery. We at VAK Hypnotherapy will show you how to balance Stressful Situations using our unique blend of therapies. Hypnotherapy for Stress has proven very popular with our clients and can be for you, so give us a call for a stress free consultation.


Stress can affect all areas of your life if left unchecked

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